Where Our Students Are From

Sierra Leone
Ivory Coast
2014 Graduates
  • Frederic Mugiraneza

    Frederic Mugiraneza
    Master’s Degree
    University Of Utah
    May 2014

    “In my country of Rwanda, I completed a degree in human biology and then earned my medical degree.   I was the general medical officer at a medical clinic until the genocide in 1994.

    When I came to the United States in 2008, my hope was that I would be able to continue my career in a clinical medicine practice.  My hope was short lived when I realized there were obstacles impossible to overcome for me to complete the licensing certification process.

    The field of gerontology meets my academic interest.  My medical background gives me the capability to study and learn in this field.”

  • Jean Bosco Ntahontuye

    Jean Bosco Ntahontuye
    Master’s Degree in World Languages
    University of Utah
    May 2014
    Employment:  Teacher
    Utah International School

    “The majority of [Rwandan refugees] lost hope in their future and wondered whether there exists any one from God’s creation who could come to their rescue.  Since God’s plan is far more precise and genius than ours (human beings), many refugees from not only in Africa but also the rest of the world saw the light at the end of the tunnel when the United States opened her arms to embrace and console these languishing innocent souls.  It is therefore our duty as refugees to nurture our attitudes and appreciate this profound kindness from our new community.

    It is hoped that a simple refugee, as I am, can move from dependency syndrome to being a real asset to the host community and be able to contribute positively to the national development.”

  • Aisha Hassan

    Aisha Hassan
    Master’s Degree in Education
    University Of Utah
    May 2014
    Employment: Teacher
    Hunter High School

    “My family and I lived in Somalia during the civil war of the 90’s.  At that point, the civil war had escalated and my family and I were preparing to leave Somalia for safety.  As we left Somalia, my family and I began our journey as living the life of a refugee.  When I was 12 years old, with the assistance of the United Nations we moved to the United States of America.

    My goal in life is to become a chemistry teacher and work in urban secondary schools.  The reason I chose chemistry is because I have always enjoyed the critical thinking aspect of it.  I also want to work in urban schools because of the high percentage of the minority students from low socioeconomic backgrounds.  I have a passion for working with youth from minority groups and help them to overcome their challenges in reaching their educational goals.”

  • Fatima Dirie